3 responses to “Movie Review: The Diary of a Teenage Girl”

  1. Caren

    Yeah, gonna have to buy the dvd for the deleted scenes! I’ve obsessively read almost everything that’s been written about this movie so far (I shouldn’t admit it, but it’s true) and I think this was one of the best-written pieces on it. You expressed a lot of the fleeting thoughts I had and probably wouldn’t have been able to put into words. You nailed it. Great review as all your reviews are!

    Oh, you didn’t tell us what you thought of the music. (Or did you?)

    Gosh I hope I get the math problem right below so’s I can comment.

  2. Dicks Unite

    Caren, considering I’ve read nothing about this movie, I agree that Jack’s review is one of the best written pieces on it. However, I see no examples to back it up with, iFail.

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