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  1. Don Rauf

    Moon was one of the best of this type of movie. I tend to think there aren’t many surprises in store in a movie like this. A fellow gets stranded and left behind and has to survive….he does survive! The end. But I’m ready to see it and be surprised by the plot. Maybe there are twists and turns that I have no second guessed! Like in Moon. That was totally unexpected.

  2. Dick Unite

    Jack, you might like this Roches’ song “Keep On Doing…” I sang and played it for a couple decades here and there at open mics. Then about the time Obama was elected, the concept of “change” became more important than doing the same old thing.
    The song has a great flatted 5th recurring; the bridge changes key and into a sweet children type of progression. The lyrics however …. so last century.


    you do know about the Roches connection to Paul Simon, don’t you?

  3. Dick Unite

    Geez, even Jonathan Lethem spouted a few words after my comment last weekend. It’s Always Forever different face to phace.

  4. Dick Unite

    i thought the segment with “Waterloo” by Abba was cutesy cute in The Martian. Other than that I was very bored. A waste of money. Stupid plot, characters. I could go on. I gave in to the 2 or 3 reviews I heard it being great and all. 3-D was cute too. I wouldn’t be too shy about giving it a zero out of 5 stars.

  5. Dick Unite

    Jack, have you seen the tv show “Intelligence for your Life”? It may be off the air, but I saw it several times this summer. John Tesh is the host, and in a roundabout way, it reminds me a lot of how you curate SiW. Check it out!

  6. Julie

    Jack, I wish I would have read your review before I plunked down my money. Drew Goddard has serious gravitas as a screenwriter, he wrote many great LOST episodes. But there were a lot of holes in the plot and I really had to suspend my disbelief a couple of times. And I’m not saying this was a good choice or a bad choice, but it was v. odd that there was no onscreen presence of Damon’s characters family. Wouldn’t that be a natural part of the story?

    You are right, Moon is a far superior movie in this genre (although this is inherently better than “All is Lost”).

  7. Natalie

    Maybe you would have liked the book. They definitely didn’t dumb down the science in. It was mostly all his working out problems through the use of science, yet not in a boring textbooky way. I really enjoyed that aspect of it. But I felt like it could have used more on the character development side. Yes, they got a *little* more into the psychological effects of being the only man on a planet for however long, and there’s a little more about his crew. But it always struck me as odd that it was like this guy had no one back home… a brief mention of his parents. And seriously Matt Damon the hot astronaut doesn’t have anyone back home? Please. I think you just needed some more of that, or something, to connect with him. And the movie didn’t do enough with his humor he had in the book. I agree, they could have had more opportunity with Matt. All in all I liked it, which I rarely say for something I read first. But I agree with your review!

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