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  1. Dik

    I just saw some of “Freddy Got Fingered” for the first time in almost.20 years. One of the best movies from that era in my opinion. He’s the mainstream Weird Paul! Fuck, weren’t Paul’s shows an event from Pittsburgh days? I believe your good buddies Tom Frank and Karl are fans, so I’m sure you were there.
    Here’s the Christmas vid –

  2. Dik

    We MUST continue this comment thread. Paul is very important, imho, toward understanding Pgh and anything Pgh related. (then again who gives a flying fuck about Spittsburgh) Go New York. center of existentiance. Whatevs.
    It’s all up to you, Top Curate.

  3. Dik

    I never gave him much thought until the internet home PC revolution. Then people I knew from Pgh were linking to his stuff. That house where your good buddies hung out, I was over there a good bit hanging out, being part of the scene, the shitty pittsburgh community. wise of you to be shy during those years. Anywway, I was pleasant shocked to hear about the album “…own your own home…”. One of those youthful aha, amazing, musical awarenesses when being being part of the communtiy. Great buzz, I am infected. Community is for kids though. Now it’s more integral to be abstact and obliquea and pithy as possible.

  4. Dik

    By the way, what did you think of the video? I put a couple hours of work into it. Not nearly as many hours as the Lenticular Holiday sculpture I gave you last Christmas. Next year I’ll just say “Hi” on December 25th. I’m sure that’ll be fine with you, Mr Cool.

  5. Dik

    Star BLOOD, thanks.

  6. Dik

    Severed Head!

    Sounds like your type of movie for next year’s Happy Holidays.
    See if you can pitch it to one of your good buddies in the industry.
    I mean, eight is enough, but we can use more hateful, right?

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