5 responses to “My Internet Radio Playlist, 1/12/16”

  1. bowie knife

    if the pain of salt in a wound
    is all that it’s cracked up to be
    havaen’t had a booboo in a long time
    a hangnail maybe, a nick while shaving,
    nor even a papercut.
    next time I’ll check it out.
    springtime soon, when bicycling
    and hiking breathe a
    bodily edge
    for salt for the wound
    is all that we’ve got.

    to th etun-ish of “Five Years”

  2. Davidsfr

    I was driving the kids and myself to church on Sunday and WEQX was playing non-stop Bowie during their retro Sunday morning feature. We pulled into the parking lot during “Modern Love” just as he was singing “gets me to the church on time.” We arrived one minute early according the dashboard clock.

    Couldn’t make it up!

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