One response to “Movie Review: Star Wars — The Last Jedi”

  1. Toe Jam

    I dunno mang, that film kind of sucked some deep Wookie ass cavity, across the board. The throne room fight was cool and all but what a painful experience it was trying to get through that pile of bantha fodder. Such a wasted opportunity.

    The new characters are for the most part, pointless and lame, the cgi characters too over the top and video game looking….. that whole casino scene is complete throw away filler content of the worst order. They did a total disservice to the Skywalker character/legacy. It’s a painful flick to get through, perhaps just a peg above the prequel nightmare. In a way, the throne room fight was like the Darth Maul scene in that first train wreck revival. A spark of what could have been. Is this really the best film these hacks can deliver? Last Jedi was such a bummer that I didn’t even bother with Solo.

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