4 responses to “30 Ounces of Shit in a 15-Ounce Bag”

  1. CL

    I will never take poo-ing for granted again. Thank you.

  2. Jane

    Had this life experience happened to anyone without the skill and humor to write about it so cohesively, I wouldn’t have understood half of what you went through. You are the epitome of the power of the human spirit. Thanks so much for sharing your shit with us. I love ya, my pal!!

  3. Sarah

    Thank you for being so brave in sharing your story and also in going out, living life, giving back, and doing the things you love in spite of these serious challenges. I’m in your corner 1000%. You are wonderful and I love you. (What, I’ve gotta do a math problem to comment?!!)

  4. Ira

    Having spent many years in India, a land fraught with many varieties of intestinal distress, made fecal topics frequent among the ex-pat community there, so I be no stranger to the ‘southern hemisphere’ or as the Indians might refer to as the ‘left-hand, below the navel’ side of life, but your tale adds a totally new dimension!

    And having a few bouts of ‘Delhi Belly’ & sundry GI tract snafus, led to occasional accidents that most folk in the Western world manage to avoid for much of their adult lives — I always settled for the notion, “It keeps one humble!”

    I do hope that these ‘adventures’ are behind you now, so to speak & you will Keep on Truckin’ with all due a Grace & Fortitude!!! I do hope to attend yr B’Day Bash!!! Onward & Upward!

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