4 responses to “Movie Review: Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood”

  1. Irwin Chusid

    I wholeheartedly concur, even about the on again/off again fascination with QT. I enjoyed Once Upon a Time for its boundless entertainment value and dazzling performances. Cake icing: a complete absence of virtue signaling. Some people will hate this film for all the wrong reasons. I’d see it again.

  2. John McGreivey

    I think of only seen is fussy movie (or maybe it’s just the first one I was aware of?)–the one with all the shooting, and the Dick Dale music (was it Dick Dale? I think so). I liked that one. Maybe I should see this one.

  3. John McGreivey

    Autocorrect mangled that badly.

  4. John McGreivey

    “I think I’ve only seen his first movie…”

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