2 responses to “Movie Review: Miles Davis — Birth of the Cool”

  1. Irwin Chusid

    I concur about the film. Rarely is an artist’s turmoil so entertaining (well, Miles did manage to turn adversity into art). One spoiler: loved when the legendary Archie Shepp recalled asking if he could sit in with Miles, and Miles angrily replied, “Fuck off.” The only disappointment was the absence of any mention of two of my favorite Miles albums: In a Silent Way and Jack Johnson. But not to carp—as Mr. Salt proclaims, it’s a great film, thoroughly compelling, with no lulls. And the soundtrack is heavenly.

  2. Lisa Hirschfield

    If you liked this, I think you’ll also love Blue Note Records: Beyond the Notes. Lame-ish title, but really excellent film about music, jazz, and the people who play(ed), record(ed), and love(d) it.

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