the writers’ room

I emerged from my three week course of antibiotics and went to help a friend with a multi-camera comedy pilot he’s making for a basic cable channel. It made me realize that I’ve written more about sitcom scenes I hate to write than I have about how much I hate to write them. I’d like […]

How do they do it?

You’re very lucky if you create one hit television show. But for David Kohan and Max Mutchnick, the ideas just keep on flowing. The creators of Will and Grace have sold a new show to ABC, loosely based on their relationship, about the friendship and working partnership of a straight man and his gay best […]

Sitcom Scenes I Hate to Write, Part One

There are certain set-ups that don’t lead to anything good. “Box canyons,” writer Don Reo used to call them. “We’re in a box canyon!” Best you can do is get out. I carry with me a mental checklist of such scenes. Sometimes the set-ups themselves are inherently flawed. Sometimes it is possible to fashion a […]