November 2008

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Beware the Graven Image :)


Not That We East-Coast Liberal Elite Are Rubbing It In or Anything

A little light reading this morning, woman across from me on the train? What have you got there? Oh… Bill Ayers!

No on Prop 8

In case you don’t know, Prop 8 in California, is what voters will vote on tomorrow and is a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. I told Isa about it weeks ago, but today we got to see democracy in action. She and I took the bus to the orthodontist and at our intersection, the […]

Obama Was Right About The Tires

In a campaign where every day there is a new slam, a new poll, and a new controversy, the little details can get lost. Well, I don’t know if anyone recalls this, but about three months ago Barack Obama had mentioned in a speech that one way to save energy was to check to make […]