writer’s guild v.i.p.?

I heard there was a sign with those weird words pointing upstairs at the strike meeting at the Convention Center. I haven’t been able to confirm the report, but issues of status have crept onto the picket line, and in ways that cut deeper than John Stamos and unavailable tee shirts. There was a strategic meeting of showrunners last week, and yet it included lots of people who aren’t currently running shows. It makes me wonder who chose these people and on what basis (obviously I wasn’t chosen). There is a particular fascination with the powerful personal narrative of Marc Cherry. It’s a favorite WGA talking point: he wouldn’t have been able to write Desperate Housewives if he hadn’t been living off of residuals. Does anyone give a shit? Why the Guild thinks the best spokespeople to put front and center are the well-fed faces of millionaire showrunners is beyond me. It’s not always better to put a face on the message. It depends on the face.

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