Becoming more Christ-like by the minute…

Mahony speaks to police! From today’s Los Angeles Daily News:

“A man approached him and said: `You’re the cardinal, aren’t you?”‘ Vernon said Mahony told him. “The man shouted at him. It happened very quickly and the man just went off on him – shoved him, knocked him to the ground and kicked him a couple of times.”

Mahony said that since he takes blood thinners, he bruises easily, but he didn’t feel the need to visit a hospital.

“In these types of confrontations that he’s had over the years across the state …, he prefers to not involve the police,” Vernon said. He added Mahony said he would call police if a Mass were disrupted.


So a few things seem to have changed since yesterday: The punch has been downgraded to a shove. We’ve gone from a report that Mahony was hospitalized to a report that he wasn’t. Also, we’ve moved from the claim that he was beaten so badly it took him weeks to recover to the less inflammatory news that he takes blood thinners which could hypothetically lead to easy bruising. Mahony’s Jesus-like reaction to the attack is the one constant, his personal pain irrelevant unless it inconveniences other churchgoers. If only the kids who were molested and sued had the same sense of propriety.

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