they’re coming after him in waves

From KNX 1070 News:

Restraining Order in Mahony Attack Case

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Attorneys have requested a temporary restraining order against a man they claim threatened Cardinal Roger Mahony and other church officials after he was kicked out of church for allegedly using drugs.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Didn’t Cardinal Mahony just suggest that it’s okay to squeeze and pinch him with impunity (even though he bruises easily) if that’s what it takes for him to feel the pain of others who have suffered (through no fault of his own)? But wait. There was a loophole: if a Mass were disrupted.

Filek was thrown out of Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral on Sunday after he started “doing drugs” during Mass, according to a report filed with the restraining order petition. He returned to the cathedral later in the day and security guards called police when he refused to leave.

No, Cardinal Mahony does not stand for that shit. You want to harass him, you take it to the street, mister.

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