The Golden Compass

Here is a random news story about The Golden Compass, echoing what’s been in the paper here. There is a consistent pattern whereby none of the protesters seem to know exactly what they are protesting:

HOLLY TWP. – A retired grandmother is leading a group that plans to protest the nation’s No. 1 movie – “The Golden Compass” – in Fenton this weekend.

Bev Suski, 56, of Holly Township, calls the film anti-Christian and wants the theater complex, Fenton Cinemas, to pull the movie.

She’s asking anyone who agrees with her to join the group outside the theater on the sidewalk during the matinee showing Saturday. They’re hoping for 100 people.

“Even though we’re late, we need to do something,” said Suski, who is retired from the antique business and attends St. Rita Catholic Church in Holly. “As Christians, we need to stand up to be heard.”

Having just seen the film, I understand the protestors’ vagueness. Yes, you could decide that the Magisterium is an allegory for the 16th century Catholic Church (and who wants to defend the 16th century Catholic Church, anyway?). It could also stand for Hitler, Stalin, Lex Luthor or Dr. No. Either way, not recommended.

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