One in a million!

A theme is emerging of people being surprised by their own circumstances. Grandsons of vinters shocked to find themselves making wine, Rumer Willis trying her hand at acting (of all things!), generations of writers struggling against the family legacy and then finding themselves writing in spite of themselves.

But nothing is worse than a couple with the need to believe that how they met was truly remarkable.

I was at a party a few years ago with a man and woman who’d just gotten engaged after a whirlwind courtship. It was one in a million they kept telling me, as they recounted, starry-eyed, in painstaking detail, how their improbable union came to be.

Let me cut to the chase. They met on J-Date, and they had a lot in common. Of course they had a lot in common–they filled out forms about their interests. And it makes sense things progressed quickly–the fact they were both internet dating meant they were actively looking. So what made it one in a million, except for the fact that it happened to them?

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