More Juno

John’s Juno review reminded me of a bar mitzvah we attended last summer. His parents spared no expense in throwing him a Greek Mythology-themed party (by his request, as it was his favorite topic). Boys in togas were running around, spreads of food abounded, and the place was elaborately decorated. Next to some foam doric columns, I noticed a painting of the colosseum. Costumed entertainers ran around– dressed as Roman centurions, complete with feathered helmets and shields with Roman numerals painted on them.
I saw the boy of honor surveying his party, with a dainty woven vine in his short curly hair, his white chiton neatly tied, his papyrus in hand, his feet bare. He shook his head as he saw a soldier swing a plastic sword at a guest. I think he was the only one who noticed the large historical error in his party.

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