"The Kept Man" drops in twelve hours

I’m sitting on the balcony at our hotel in Honolulu. If I position myself just right, I can get the internet. If I put down the lap top to open the door to the room, it will blow away. It was not easy getting internet service here (aloha!), causing one of my “famous meltdowns.” Meanwhile Isa is melting down on the mainland, missing her mother. It is our second wedding anniversary.

Against this bittersweet backdrop, a new novel from Jami Attenberg. When Jami had a series of interconnected stories published last April, I thought to myself, sure, I could write a book of interconnected stories. I mean I’ve dreamed interconnected stories, man. And if they weren’t interconnected I could always tie them together later. The point is it was an achievable goal…if I ever got rid of my family and really hunkered down. But now Jami’s just messing with me. Before I’ve even had time to consider the enormous ramifications of my choices, she’s shat out her second book of the year.

“The Kept Man” is getting great reviews. It hits bookstores tomorrow. Congratulations, Jami.

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