The State of Salt in Wound

Right now, we have eight registered “posters.” Of those, Frank, Robert, Bernie and myself have been posting fairly regularly. Chris has been posting more lately (thanks, Chris!) and Paul teased us (and I hope will tease us again soon). Elizabeth is lurking, waiting for just the right moment (you’d better not be fucking with us, Elizabeth) and Becky clearly has no intention of ever posting. Unfortunately, I can’t cut her, because Bernie is a man’s name, and then it would look like we only had one woman (when nothing could be further from the truth). We’re not losers, and why should it appear that way?

There are currently no invitations to new posters outstanding. I would like to have four or five more, writing on a variety of subjects, preferably from different parts of the country (or world). Robert is here because he’s my friend from high school. Frank, Paul, Chris, do any of you have friends from high school or college who’d have something to contribute? If so, have them read a bit, and then, if they’re interested, I’ll send an invitation. Ken, I can’t in good conscience ask you to post about extinct birds in Arkansas until you’re done with your dissertation.

We’re getting a decent number of hits–it’s been growing every week–peaking on the day Bernie forgot to filter me, and I counted myself dozens of times. We don’t know who a lot of our readers are, so if you’re here and have never commented, please take this chance to say hi.

And if anyone has any suggestions for how things could be done differently, this would be a good thread to put them in.

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