Quisp wasn’t my favorite cereal. I’d say it was middle of the pack. But, for some reason, it was the first thing that popped into my mind when I read John’s post on discontinued cereals. From the Quisp web site, I’ve learned that it was discontinued when I was five. That would make this a pretty early memory, but not an impossible one, since I could still tell you the majority of the kids who were in my kindergarten class. It’s more likely that it took a year or two to clear it off the shelves.

It’s the Quisp web site that prompted this post. Apparently the cereal is back in production, on a limited basis, carried by small-to-medium grocers from Milwaukee to Buffalo. And it can come to your city, too, if you’ll just help spread the word. Just talk to your grocer!

The problem is that this is Quaker Oats we’re talking about, owned by Pepsi. They could buy a half-dozen ads for Quisp during the Super Bowl if they felt like it. And if you know your grocer by name, chances are it’s too small of a store to rate a Quaker Oats account.

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