Ringo-ing, going, gone!

Apparently Ringo Starr walked off the set of Regis and Kelly due to a dispute over the length of a song he was to perform on the show. Ringo wanted to do the 3 minute version while show producer Gelman insisted on a 2 minute version. This resulted in the best of all solutions… the 0 minute version. I, for one, applaud Gelman’s hard line in the sand on this. I think Ringo should be appreciative of any producer willing to subject his studio and TV audience to even two seconds of the discordant screechings of Mr. Starr.

Does anyone else have an aversion to Ringo’s decades’ long insistence on singing despite having one of the worst recorded voices in the history of music? I mean, “Octopus’s Garden” I’ll give you that one, but other than that, I’m out. I continue to be amazed that his Beatle fame alone has allowed him to keep grabbing mics anywhere and everywhere he wants and touring around the country. Please, someone enlighten me. I don’t want to be hatin’ on Ringo too much, but sometimes a drummer should just keep hitting the goatskins. I think… sheepskins? I don’t know. I’m a karaoke guy, personally.

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