The King Of Kong

Seeing that we’ve been blogging about video games a bit over the last week (or whatever derivation thereof the uWink establishment offers) I thought I’d recommend a terrific documentary about the world of classic video gaming. The King Of Kong: A Fistful Of Quarters is a compelling tale of one man’s journey to beat the highest score ever posted on the original classic arcade game, Donkey Kong. The characters are brilliant and couldn’t be written so specifically even by the greatest screenwriter in Hollywood. Sorry, Diablo Cody. Actually, New Line has already commissioned a writer to pen a fictionalized remake of the tale, believe it or not. I can’t imagine it being nearly as entertaining as the real thing. Check out the original when you get a shot. And maybe while you’re here, give your favorite classic arcade game. I was a Galaga guy. Still am. I have a fully functional version on my cell phone.

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