When people stop me on the street, they most often say, “Stop following me or I will call the police.” But their second-most frequent utterance is, “Boy, we sure enjoy the whimsical appearances of traffic cones on that Salty Wound blog.”

The cone craze continues to spread, and my in-box has been flooded with submissions from fellow cone-oisseurs. I now offer to you just a small sampling.

From Christopher Prescott, I like to call this “Between God and Cone-Tree.”

Brian Kantor of the terrific band Higgins spotted this one in the Gowanus Cone-al:

Glenn Martin pulled this cone-flagration off live streaming video in San Francisco.

And from my own collection, a before-and-after. First, I noticed outside my Hoboken apartment building that when city trees are cut down, the stumps turn fluorescent orange…

But lo and behold, under cover of darkness, that stump blossomed into a beautiful baby traffic cone!

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