5 responses to “Barbers I Have Known”

  1. sie

    Love the part about how the little you enjoyed being called Big Jack. Who does your barber, Alberto, look like?! Is it a singer?

  2. Frank Boscoe

    Not too long ago I had the shock of having two barbers die, several months apart. You only find out because the shop is closed (and it’s closed the next day, and the day after that), and no one answers the phone, and then a few weeks later a ‘for sale’ sign appears, and meanwhile you have to locate another barber, and that’s when you find out.

    And then you make some rough estimates and realize that you will probably outlive all of the Italian barbers in town, and maybe all the ones in America.

  3. Bernie

    Frank, that’s harsh and sounds statistically sound.

  4. Irwin Chusid

    Was that 4th St shop between Bloomfield and Garden? I liked that place, it was vintage Hoboken. Sad when it closed.

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