2 responses to “Emails Found on my Old Computer, Episode #3”

  1. Caren

    Gosh, that’s a little harsh. Seems like she was just trying to be funny with the “sad” comment, and people go to The Hunt because they’re single and want to meet each other (well, ok, a lot of them are drunk and too rich, but some of them might be nice, just like some guys take dating advice from a pizza place owner might be nice guys, just like some guys who went to high school with Ethan Whatshisname near Princeton might still be nice guys)…you gotta give someone a lot more of a chance than that!

    Anyway…does this mean Benny’s is celebrating it’s 42nd anniv. now? Wait, 43rd. This is why I’m not editing a math mag.

  2. Caren

    Eh, that should be “its” (not it’s) and “taking” (not take). Maybe I shouldn’t be editing anything, or at least typing!

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