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  1. carli entin

    First, the snark:
    I didn’t know Bud Cort was 41 when he made Harold and Maude.

    But very nice thing you did.

    And Schick’s is known for being, like, the best kosher-for-Passover cake out there, which is kind of like being the best episode of Cop Rock, but it’s still nice.

  2. Sarah

    Hooray for Jack and Shirley, kindness and cake!

  3. Caren

    That was so sweet of you! I hope you have a good Passover.

  4. Frank B.

    This tops the ride home I gave to Norman Connors last week:


    but only because he wasn’t the least bit talkative.

  5. miclusick

    I hear ya Jack, for almost a year, I lived with a woman who was 18 years older than me, half-Jewish, in her studio apartment. So yes, I understand your G.I.L.F. feelings. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=gilf
    We’d met in a travel chat room, the kind where you might ask fellow travelers what the weather seasons are like in Guatemala, or if one needs a French phrasebook when visiting Montreal. It was a national group of dweebs, though it turned out me and her were living 6 blocks away from one another. After some back and forth-ing, serendipity let us know that she grew up in the Bay Area and had attended the Altamont concert, and since I liked non-mainstream films, our first “date” ended up going to see ‘Helter Skelter’ which was on a one-week run just down the street. A lot of dips and turns throughout the following year, too many to bore you with. I never picked up on many Jewish-isms besides perhaps she had a few homosexual friends, her son-in-law was a 300+lb black kid working as an Oakland CA bouncer (an extremely soft, pillowy, handshake i might add) , and that she would slip into a most reverent tone when speaking of her deceased bohemian mother, a hanger-on in the Neal Cassady and Ginsburg City Lights crowd, militant about domestic duties, kind of a ragged June Cleaver, a single mother ever since being impregnated by a Mexican, who turned-out to be a hard working different-family-man, and ready for the father-child reunion some 30 years later.

    “i would not give you false hope, on this strange and mournful day” or would i?

  6. miclusick

    thanks, “lots” going on, territories being sung. we were in the Topanga vicinity a couple months ago. heavy clouds hurried us away. opted for some Armenian fare;
    ya think they’re still feeling the effects of genocide?

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