Not a Cone-ifer

Thanks to Kara Smith for this lovely piece of personalized SiW art! In addition to her phenomenal two-dimensional work (one of which already hangs in my home), she also makes some awesome terrariums.

3 responses to “Not a Cone-ifer”

  1. Frank B.

    Very nice!

  2. jennyphresh

    I am inordinately obsessed with traffic cones ever since they started following me behind hedges. Did I miss your burfday? Drat!

  3. miclusick

    I like this drawing; it convincingly and playfully brings out what I like best about the image, the brown part. I’ve been in a bit of a perverted period in making artworks lately, sort of anti-Shel Silverstein (has anyone seen Anti-Christ, von Triers movie from 2009? it’s been on our coffee table for 3 weeks, netflix is one of many bad investments in our house, anyway he’s a pretty awesome movie maker guy, right – charlotte gainsbourgh aint no slouch either). I probably shouldn’ even call them works of art considering I made them on the computer, but they seem to have been genesised from the late 90s, a techno guy from the English midlands, it’s not 808 State, because nothing came up on the image search, and i don’t think it was Kruger and Dorfmeister, besides who wants anything to do with evil and rightfully guilt ridden Germans (heck, the UN should just give Berlin to the tunisians), but I was wondering if you knew of that techno album where the cover art has the bust a swimsuit lady, only to have her head cut and pasted out and replaced with that featured artist, him or some typical looking hippy visavis Ian Anderson. The promo poster was in a lot of the Seattle record stores at the time, and you being such a boy about town,
    you probably remember the ubiquitousness advertisement as well.

    p.s. the cone puns floor me every time. thumbs up!

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