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  1. Catherine Leyshon

    Can you come and fix my bank account? It’s been acting strange for ages. I think some kind of gasket is broken, because money flows out but not in. Maybe a valve needs adjusting.

  2. jennyphresh

    Jack Silbert, amateur demi-god!

  3. miclusick

    Cath- here’s what you do,

    1 —— log into your flickr account (or create one) – go to this link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wobblingvisions/5665306656/in/photostream

    2 ———– there’s probably a feature where you can send me a private message, meaning others who visit the website won’t have access to view what you’ve written.

    3 ——— state the usuals SS#, bank slip stuff, d.o.b., temp, heart rate, that should be enough.

    4 —— through the magic of the social network sewers, i really think i can pass along the info to Jack, and if not, my bet is that he’s an even better plumber then electrician, so he may find me on the inverse in no time; word is he seems not to mind the social network stench

    5 — there is no 5, xoxo

  4. miclusick

    Hate to barge in again. But I was at Firestone today (cars cease to perfect as we all know), and I’m in the waiting room. They have complete poisonous jelly donut for me in the magazine rack, SPIN. To make a long story short, because the whole mag was a cultural enema, they did a soundbyte for the new [Loudon Wainwright the 3rd] Box-Set.

    Now I remember my brother talking about him in the 80s, and there were some songs I think I liked. The only thing I am positive of though is that in 2000-ish I bought his latest record. It had an anti-smoking song. Very good, and it dug into me, made me feel foolish (btw that’s sort of what I like in an artist, or a rephrase, pop-artist….maybe the entire so called popular arts is an insult to everyone included?).

    So the point is LW123 is a CMU graduate. LW123’s new box set is intro-0ed by Judd Apatow. Totally out of my league here, but Ape strikes me as the cherished grand pappy’s son-in law kind of at the I-ndieF-ilmC-hannel.

    It just seems to be a good East-West SiW sort of thing. That’s all. Carry on.

  5. Jenny Phresh

    I was forced into handing out this insane blog award. I passed it on to you! Come and claim the item at:

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