8 responses to “After-Hours Book Club”

  1. Sarah

    I love it!

  2. miclusick

    I like it!

    Me thinks it’s grrrrreat
    That you, Jack, are stretching
    Wings in the world of poem.
    “Too-red”? the adage
    In me, ‘show, don’t tell’
    Yearns for the red of an over-half
    Ripened strawberry, the red
    I imagine being its bold
    Outline of a sign which is saying
    Maid-Rite Sandwich Shop.
    Too-red? Redder than what?

  3. davepmiller

    I like it enough that I’m taking the time to type a comment even though there’s no simple “like” button for me to click. I thought I was there. I was sad when the train came too.

  4. Bartholomew Simpson


  5. miclusick

    Hey J,
    Saw that within your brief list of Facebook Books, is “Our Band Could Be Your Life.” You being a writer, and me a musician, we could have a mighty fine Salty dialogue concerning the Minutemen.
    If everyone is happy with the blandness here, I understand, there are status updates to attend to, etc.

    PS. something that’s been bugging me regarding books. You know how the NYT bestseller list is sort of the standard for literary desires among Americans, wouldn’t it be fairly easy to tabulate the top ten library books checked out on a given week? You don’t think it would be polluted by the muscle of publishing houses, would you?

  6. Caren

    Great stuff! (No fair that you’re talented at yet ANOTHER thing…)

    I like Joseph Mitchell too. I wish there were more like him at the New Yorker today.

  7. Michael Asserad (poet)

    …til thee a zeitgeist chasms

  8. miclusick

    there really isn’t much left to say
    i could scribble for Charles Simic to theorize over

    bounding timelessly. which shows to watch. Funny
    Fridays on IFC are long gone. three months ago. who
    remembers taht.

    i felt temptation. i felt like a sad tool
    Crevassing, Crevassing
    W in T he F do I know about taht?
    seeing a movie on the southside of Houston St.?

    there’s really not much left to say
    i could scribble, and taht’s what
    I’m done

    by garrett miklusek aka Dumbfuck, the nickname given to me in college by some guy, some offspring of a PHD mom and multiple PHD Peruvian dad, who talked me into taking a poetry class, which turned into 4 semesters of it, and helped secure my future as an ongoing loser

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