6 responses to “Memorial Day Sense Memory”

  1. Sarah

    Hola Joaquin! Como te fue en el restaurante? Oyes?

  2. Caren

    So did you go to Blimpie? The suspense is killing me!!! (And do you have any special Blimpie memories??) A Blimpie tuna sub is one of my favorite foods in the world, by the way.

  3. miclusick

    this sort of thing degrades the United States. degrades the Veterans, degrades the Tea Party dim-wits who get choked up at Arlington cemeterey, degrades the…. what’s the use. Salt in Wound celebrates the shittiness of life…

  4. miclusick

    i’m more than the usual confused this morning. negate that previous degrade themed statement. i do more harm than good in trying to establish decency.

  5. miclusick

    Jack, what’s address? my father in law has two mini-Old Glories in his lawn that have faded, the colors have all gone grey and white, quite hipster looking, might make a cool underground band logo. better yet i’ll slice em up first (we’re getting some new ones for this upcoming Flag Day), and with your poor writerly existence, you may need extra toilet paper, or roll em as neat as possible and give them to the local homeless shelter. You’re the giving guy type, right? Maybe you can do a demonstration of how to wipe your ass for the new poor wretched and meek immigrants. such a man sack of shit for the people.

  6. miclusick

    okay, that’s off my chest, i guess the spirit of D-Day shining through in a cosmic accident.
    “Salt in Wound celebrates the shittiness of life…” with the exception of Traffic Cone acknowledgments (speaking in absolutes is….?)
    A little over five years ago, if memory serves, which it doesn’t in a lot of cases, Traffic Cone was originally proposed to have its own MySpace page. SiW has been a decent port of call for its purposes. And yes, sailors do probably enjoy a Blimpie sub….can someone just restrict my commenting privileges?… there is no doubt in my mind that the “Authors” have as equally fascinating crap to add as I do.

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