11 responses to “September Remembered”

  1. carli

    Well put, Jack.
    I remember you saying you watched Curb that night.
    The Cortland street station opened about a week ago. I kinda want to go.

  2. Maggie Hames

    Nice, Jack.

  3. Julia G.

    Thank you Jack. Did I know you then? I don’t think so. I watched the whole thing from Margery’s and Francie’s offices in 568. A horrible, horrible, horrible day.

  4. Julia G.

    You’ll like this though: I didn’t know what to do exactly so after I looked for friends & family who lived in the neighborhood, I went to some dumb French cafe on Sullivan St and ate carrot soup and read Harry Potter while I pondered my next move. The waiters were all totally unimpressed by the whole thing, and definitely seemed stoned. Unfortunately, Harry Potter, carrot soup (or any puree carrot really) and French cafes always remind me of 9/11.

  5. Davidsfr

    Thanks Jack, as someone who was removed from the city by that time my thoughts were with everyone who was there. I didn’t realize Suzanne lost someone that day.

  6. jennyphresh

    This tale, which starts out ordinary, just builds and builds. The small details. The purple shirt. Where you ate that night.
    Keep your laughter…it is good.

  7. Kate

    Hi Jack
    Loved this piece. Wonder if you’ve read David Foster Wallace’s take on 9/11, published in his collection of essays “Consider the Lobster”. You can hear DFW reading it here: http://mercyrhymeswithcontroversy.blogspot.com/2009/09/david-foster-wallace-on-9-11.html

  8. Sean


  9. Patrick

    Thanks for this, Jack. Surprised I’ve never read this one.

    Go Whalers!

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