6 responses to “My Highly Subjective List of the Best Movies of 2011”

  1. jennyphresh

    Weirdly, my own home was “scouted” as a location for Win Win. It didn’t make the cut. But we would have been paid nicely and had our living room repainted. $%^$%!

  2. Julia G

    I never heard of win win but station agent is one of my favorite all-time movies. I have to see this! Maybe it will redeem Paul Giamatti who I have hated since that wretched movie Sideways.

  3. Brian O.

    What about Drive?!?!

  4. Caren

    You pack a lot into such concise reviews. Thanks for the recommendations!

    Did you ever get to see “The Town” from like 2-3 years ago? Make sure to catch up on that one if you missed it.

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