6 responses to “Movie Review: Young Adult”

  1. Caren

    It’s too bad the end part doesn’t match the quality or tone of the beginning part, but that’s good to know. I definitely have to see this one at least because of the subject matter. The Diablo Cody aspect helps.

    Your Facebook comment is very true. But fear not — you never know what can happen in the future. Life takes strange twists. We’re only our early 40s, which is still young-adult. (OK, let me delude myself.) Our lives are only half over, right? Uh, wait…that part doesn’t sound so good.

  2. Julia G

    I used to love those crazy optimum triple play commercials. But I don’t go to movies because of bed bugs. I look forward to discussing this when I’ve seen it from Netflix in 6 months.

  3. Maggie Hames

    Wait–you’re NOT Patton Oswalt?

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