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  1. Artamus

    I wish Tim Burton would stop doing remakes. Like all the ones he’s done, you need to be a hard core Burton Fan, and not be a fan of the original source material to really enjoy the film. For me, this is exactly like when Barry Sonnenfeld remade ‘The Wild, Wild, West”, it had the basic window dressing of the original show, but it was really all about Will Smith playing James West reconfigured into essentially the same character he’d been running into the ground in all his other movies. They also made the mistake of trying to make it a slapstick comedy, when the original only used humor sparingly. Burton does the same thing with Johnny Depp here. The only consolation is, they might release the true Dark Shadows movie(House of Dark Shadows) on Blu-Ray now – I will definitely be purchasing THAT one!.

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