4 responses to “My Friend Carol”

  1. Sarah

    I love this — especially picturing all the family members eating, studying, playing etc. around that long table in the kitchen, and your friend Carol and her sister playing cat and mouse in bed at night. Wonderful.

  2. Joe

    Really touching story. Keep them coming.

    You might consider helping her do a POD book of her reminiscences.

  3. Lisa

    You are a wonderful writer and have such a fabulous ear for dialogue, Jack. This is the start of a new book project for you, you know. Thank you to Carol for being so open and sharing these lovely and vivid details.

  4. CM

    So interesting! I love hearing stories of way back. We all think we have never have enough money, and then you look at the way people were able to live in families with so many kids, and you realize we’ve lost our ability to survive among the simple things.

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