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  1. carli

    Walk the other way next time. Weehawken is really nice to walk around. Not only are there lots of really nice old houses, there’s a Pathmark where you can take your blood pressure–and they give you a card that keeps track of your blood pressure from visit to visit!!!!!

  2. Audrey

    On July 5th, my friend Susan and I walked from 70th and Lexington to 42nd and Fifth. It was a nice walk and we started out full of enthusiasm, but by the end we practically had heat stroke and couldn’t wait to get inside to the A/C. I love to walk, especially around the City, but it was too hot for such a long walk. It makes me long for those cool Autumn days! Keep up your walking, though. Weehawken sounds nice, especially with those free blood pressure checks!

  3. carli

    Yes. All that water that floods Hoboken on days like yesterday comes from us.

    There are giant staircases to get you from the waterfront to up the hill.

  4. CM

    Great story, and I love the photos! Especially the shadowy one under that bridge near Observer Hwy. I’d love to see more random photos from your walks.

    One of my fave Hudson County memories so far is from when I walked a long stretch of Newark Avenue in Jersey City one day, due to my ignorance. I’d read that one of the library branches was closing a room full of archives and selling old stuff cheap, and I saw that the address was somewhere on Newark Avenue…so I figured it would be a quick walk. I didn’t know how long Newark Ave really is. It’s loooong. Along the way I passed some great old buildings, a famous burger joint, and a couple of intriguing examples of urban decay at its finest. Plus, it was one of those cool early October days when the weather reminds you that a big change is coming. I still think of that walk fondly.

  5. Kate

    When I lived in Toronto, I was doing my research in the city archives. I couldn’t always justify the subway fare so I almost always walked it. It was only 1.67 miles but sometimes it felt like serious pavement pounding, especially in the unforgiving heat of a Toronto summer. Urban walking has its challenges – lack of shade, hard surfaces, roads to cross – but it is really rewarding.

  6. CM

    I’ll have to try to figure out which burger joint it was. I just looked up White Mana, but that’s on Tonnele, so that couldn’t have been it. It was a small but intriguing little red building and at the time I had heard local legends about the place so I recognized it. It was like 15 years ago, so it may not even be there anymore. Oh well, you’ll have to head over to Newark Avenue and go west, young man. (Hint, if you actually end up IN Newark, you’ve gone too far.)

    I have the same problem with Hoboken – it’s just such a great place to walk but I’ve seen almost everything in it, so it’s harder to find something new. Jersey City and Weehawken both have cool neighborhoods worth exploring. That’s why I make reporters write stories like this: http://hudsonreporter.com/view/full_story/7269161/article-Fit-for-a-%E2%80%98king%E2%80%99-Historic-homes-sell-for-millions-in-Weehawken-enclave–

  7. Laurie Petersen

    As one fellow walker to another, I really enjoyed this article.

    The photo of the Colgate clock reminded me of my grandmother who grew up in Jersey City and had a colorful array of sayings, including: Her ass is bigger than the Colgate clock.

    It wasn’t until I had grown up and actually saw the Colgate clock that I really understood what she meant.

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