6 responses to “Jack’s 2012 Fall TV Preview”

  1. Miclusick

    Yesterday I read a nice obituary of sorts by Al Franken.

  2. CM

    That started off funny and got funnier and funnier. I love the last line. Ah, ’70s TV was pretty bad too, but since we were like 10 years old or younger, it seemed great at the time.

  3. carli

    I look forward to watching the first episode of Revolution and then giving up on it like I did with Flash Forward, The Event, etc.

  4. Joey M

    I would agree this season seems pretty weak for new series. Rather, I’m looking forward to a couple return shows like The Big Bang Theory and Suburgatory. Nothing of the new shows looks strictly original. My coworkers at Dish and I were trying to figure out what might be worth watching. It’s not going to be easy to find anything worthy of watching in the new season. My coworker reminded me about a couple of the cool features in the Hopper I just got from Dish. One, it automatically records all the primetime shows on ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox with the new Primetime Anytime feature. I will have all these pilots available and with the Auto Hop feature I can watch them with or without the commercials.

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