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  1. Miclusick

    Samberg taking that bold step, HELL YEAH that was bold. In fact, in my community college course, “Bravery in 2012,” we spent over a month discussing his SNL departure.

    I’m sorry, that was a common man’s reaction. You might be writing for more of an entertainment business audience, for which Samberg’s decision is in fact dollars and cents “bold.”

    —-Who is your audience?—- Do I fit the demographic? My Afghani co-worker?

  2. Miclusick

    Jack, I’m an idiot. I’m simply jealous of your fascinating life. Walk on. I won’t comment ever again, unless maybe if Boscoe chimes in. Hey, I loved that All White People Look The Same link.

  3. Davidsfr

    Only learned about “Benny and Joon” last week? Oh, the time lost!

    That is a movie we should see more often on the cable channels–that and “The Commitments” and “Breaking Away” seem to have fallen off the radar.

  4. Davidsfr

    I would overlook not having seen “The Commitments” if you have seen “Electric Dreams”:


  5. CM

    That sounds like a film worth seeing. Thank you.

    Electric Dreams – I just mentioned that in an essay I wrote about the vidkid era of the 80s!

    I remember when “Breaking Away” used to be on network TV all the time. That and that movie about Michael Landon wetting the bed. And the Bad News Bears. I only miss the Michael Landon bedwetting movie.

  6. Davidsfr

    I don’t know about the Michael Landon bedwetting movie, what was it called?

    Another great move worth seeing if you can find it: “Get Crazy.” The cast included Lou Reed and Bobby Sherman! And you know what? You probably wouldn’t get further than 3 degrees with either one of them playing “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.”

  7. Davidsfr

    How could I forget? Fabian also appears in “Get Crazy,” he and Bobby Sherman are evil henchmen.

  8. CM

    “The sheet, the sheet, the shame, the shame!!”


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