3 responses to “My Internet Radio Playlist, 8/28/12”

  1. Miclusick

    Honest to God, my suggestion for a band name in ’93 Seattle was The Phones. I forget what we chose, we only had one gig, on a skate ramp. When the bassist moved on to SF, he joined a new band, and I got word they were called The Pants. I was convinced he stole the cadence and feel of The Phones. Yet all for naught in some sense, soon found out via looking through some LP shop…… http://www.thephones.com/

  2. Miclusick

    I’m sure noone wants to hear the boring details of my fascinating impressions of that skate ramp gig, but there were many. It was the day after Cobain shotgunned his head off. To this day when I listen to the classic rock station, a wholly distinct excitement happens when I hear Nirvana. That bassist used to joke by singing “Gary” instead of “married/buried” from All Apologies.

    I know Jack, start my own blog, just too lazy, cut me off anytime.

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