3 responses to “In Defense of Clint Eastwood’s Chair”

  1. Maggie Hames

    What’s amazing to me is that the Republicans allowed ANYBODY let alone a Hollywood person, have 5 minutes (Clint stretched it to 12) to speak on anything that struck his fancy. He was unscripted; no teleprompter; his message was not approved (unlike EVERYBODY else at the convention). He supposedly got the idea for the chair at the last second and asked somebody to bring him a chair moments before he went on. We’ll never see anything this “off book” again, which is a shame.

  2. Miclusick

    The blogosphere I visit ended up discussing his role in ‘Gran Torino’ as an “old white male racist” aka GOP. People are so movie driven these days, sad. Oh well, I’d give Gran Torino 4.5 stars yet mostly forgettable, aside from the “spooks” scene.

  3. CM

    great entry!

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