2 responses to “Movie Review: Skyfall”

  1. Don Rauf

    I was surprised at how much I disliked this film. Bond can’t save anyone in this film. Why does he let the guy get killed who’s looking at the painting? Then, he kicks into action and attacks the killer–but he had plenty of time to save a life. And with the beautiful woman at the shoot-the-shot contest. And on top of that he makes a bad joke almost at her expense–what a waste of good scotch. He spends the whole movie trying to save M! I don’t think he saves any one except Albert Finney….but there again, Albert is living peacefully with his dogs and scotch and Bond disrupts the whole thing. I’ll take Mission Impossible cleverness over any of this. There really wasn’t anything very clever about this bond. Rigging the mansion with explosives just doesn’t cut it.

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