7 responses to “Hurricane in Hoboken: My Story”

  1. charliecheerio

    You did a great mitzvah for the town I know you love. Good work, man.

  2. JULIA

    KFTC, man.

  3. CM

    Wow, that was wonderful! So much awesomeness that it’s hard to comment on all the things you captured so perfectly. Details a week in anyone’s life is generally boring, and you made it all very readable..

    I am sorry you had to guard the boxes, but that was funny, anyhow. The Ryan aspect was cute. I love how you saw people come together from various walks of Hoboken life. And you have such a knack for describing people (especially old folks).

    Yeah, and of course, I want to know who Mr. Anonymous from City Hall is.

    Finally…it brings a tear to the eye to hear that you made use of our phonebook. It was a pain every year to put that together in addition to the usual weekly tasks, but I’m glad it served a humanitarian purpose. I’m particularly proud of the fall-leaves photo I took one year that made it to the cover. I’ll have to direct everyone on our staff to your story so they can see that the Reporter Phone Book lives on.

  4. Chap

    Well done, my friend. Well done.

  5. Anna


    Thanks for this narrative. I’m from Hoboken but live in Washington, DC now, and I had been wondering how the day-to-day life was that week because I couldn’t get hold of my brother (no cell phone, another Luddite) and could only text my cousin who lives there.

    I really enjoyed it — and recognized all the places in the pictures.

    Best wishes.

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