6 responses to “Mail From the Farm”

  1. CM

    You ARE a stand-up guy. I like the mushedtogether and the image of the light in the vestibule. It’s a testament to your kindness and talent that your friends reach out to you like this, years later.

  2. Davidsfr

    “until three weeks ago, I walked away”

    When did you receive this mail? I know it has been more than three weeks since you left that job, so this line confuses me. Did you walk away in some other manner three weeks ago? Hope it doesn’t mean no more association with anyone you knew from there–I’d have such a sad!

  3. Davidsfr

    Now I see the “December 3” at the beginning, and the reference to holiday cards, so I am perplexed.

  4. Davidsfr

    Thanks, so glad to hear that.

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