7 responses to “My Internet Radio Playlist, 2/12/13”

  1. Caren

    Was there a theme?

  2. Davidsfr

    How could you do such a show and not play The Pyschedelic Furs “Heartbreak Beat”? The extended remix of the song is the greatest extended remix of any song ever, although “Two Hearts Beat as One” by U2 (not quite within the parameters of the theme but not far off) comes close.

  3. Davidsfr

    Don’t get your keester out of joint! I’ll try to listen to the show if time allows, I don’t have much of it these days. My current job has a schedule very much like Scholastic Mags did. Commendations for quoting the song anyway.

  4. Davidsfr

    I listened. Nice use of the lyrics in your spoken narrative but the song just needs to be included in any set dedicated to this topic.

    Although I’ve never heard the song it seems Spooky Tooth’s “You Broke My Heart So I Busted Your Jaw” also warrants automatic inclusion. I saw that a lot in record club advertisements.

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