One response to “Other Bad Things That Mike Rice Did”

  1. miclusic

    Like you Jack, I don’t necessarily like to see humor in serious issues, more of a need to take the air out of their holy significance. My wife sent me this link from today – “Harrowing photographs of the liberation of Nazi concentration camp inspire grandson…”
    I don’t know how she fixated on the Holocaust, but she has over fifteen books on the shelf recounting the events, along with books on the Armenian Genocide, lots of books on the murders of Nikolai, Anastasia etc of the Royal Russian family, etc. Guess it’s a fascination with the downtrodden, or unfairly used people in life, or those with just plain dumb luck. Dunno.

    Regarding the newsbit, I selfishly focus on the “inspiration” this filmmaker experienced. When I think of my lineage, late 1800s shitty life peasants, so awful their sons came to America to spend the next sincerely happy 50 years in coalmines, I barely muster the energy to delve into the totalitarian forces that exploited their lives. I mean c’mon, isn’t it time to tape over “Schindler’s List” with episodes of Baywatch? Or perhaps ridiculing in good fun the whole “It Gets Better” homophobic bully movement is the right approach. Either way, I Shamefully Self-Promote! And take tits over “Help, I’m being repressed” stories most anyday.

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