4 responses to “Thank You, Siskel & Ebert”

  1. miclusic

    I really have been trying to find some nice words for this, but I think this Wimp Factor lyric sums it up close to best:

    “…Critics were critiquing,
    Skeptics were disbelieving.
    They were going to have to get out of the way.”

  2. Caren

    Wow, so passionately written, and not an unneeded word. Great piece!
    Favorite line: “So critics could be better than other critics? Huh.”

  3. Frank B.

    I too used to watch this before I had any realistic chance of seeing the movies being reviewed. For some reason, I remember the alliterative guidance they provided to a pair of similar films that came out at the same time: Spring Break and Spring Fever: Fever is foul, Break is bearable.

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