4 responses to “My Internet Radio Playlist, 5/14/13”

  1. miclusic

    My band is real happy with our version of “The Killing Moon.” Pretty neat video you provided, but the the flashing colors at each edit got me thinking. Like your your CVS video earlier, and like, off the top of my head, Portlandia and Atrrested Development, edits really add another dimension of humor. It’s pretty cool, but a good reminder that I want to be as edit-free as possible from now on in the videos I make. I think I have enough in me to let the material stand on its own. Like a buddy Deadhead’s father reacted to my upcoming art show in 2001, “What are going to do? Use tree branches to frame your paintings??”

  2. miclusic

    not that anyone cares, here’s a photo from my art opening. All the pieces were later thrown away, or given away (then likely thrown away). But my friend brought his camera for documentation. That’s Paul on the right, soccer dude/ SF software developer, with his wife Ilona PHD Biotech, and her parents. Behind them is my painting “Porn Mag”. If you’re a perv, and are using an iPhone, you can probably pinch the screen for an up close view 🙂


  3. miclusic

    Thanks, I enjoyed your practical reasoning for the edits. And I am sooooooooo glad you brought up Tullycraft’s new CD. I humbly expect a substantial critique on SiW soon!!!!

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