2 responses to “My Internet Radio Playlist, 7/23/13”

  1. miklisek

    sort of interesting the past forms of ‘find’ and ‘lose’ were used as themes. Yet the songs in ‘found’ are actually using its popular past verb form, while the ‘lost’ songs mainly opt for the adjective use. Trip-ups like this I think caused me to drop learning German after three semesters in college, and also dropping after two years of French in high school. A sappy part of me liked the fact that our priest recited U2s “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” at H.S. graduation, though it may have been more effective if he had quoted it in Farsi, Cantonese or pig-latin.

  2. miklisek

    sheesh, not all the found soungs were in the past (hope Harvey velvet crush…). But you know what they say about southwestern Native American blanket making.

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