3 responses to “Movie Review: Big Star—Nothing Can Hurt Me”

  1. miklisek

    1989, with the LApes house, I saw Chilton open for the dBs at the Decade, which was like the resident Rock nightclub for Pitt students, akin to Carnegie Mellon’s nightclub…… wait, were there any nightclubs up on your greeny pasture?

  2. miklisek

    Yeah some good shows at that gallery. That weird solo guitarist from NY, Guitarwolf?Telecorps (Ed Um) had a pretty good show there. Originally, he told a few of us he just wanted to fill the entire space with Ping Pong balls, which I thought was pretty cool. But instead there were shirts for sale and stuff, a few bands played. Our band Old Wallpaper with Missy K and Jen S played, and we wanked off for a half hour or so. Yeah, Beat Happening, bittersweet memories of that show, with an emphasis on the bitter.

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