21 responses to “My Little Corner of the World: Memories of Maxwell’s”

  1. Caren

    What a romantic tribute. That was wonderful.

  2. Jon Solomon

    Thank you for so perfectly capturing what a whole lot of us have been feeling these last few weeks.

  3. miklisek

    I’ll trust Caren and Jon since it’s a little long for me to read, although the phrase “I’d been lovingly reprogrammed to only trust all things indie” doesn’t exactly ring true for me.

  4. Sarah

    Beautiful, Jack. Love this, love you.

  5. Jeff

    A ukulele-based Jesus Lizard tribute band–now there’s a good idea!

  6. miklisek

    My brother might be into that, Jeff! He recently made a ukulele out of a cigar box.

    he’s a little insane, and there’s a few reasons, but spending time in the moshpit of 8os hardcore shows may have had an effect.

    The pic includes a keyboard I played when me and bro jammed together this past May. Sort of like Tom Waits on acid sounding.

  7. miklisek

    That link is sweet, Jack. Thanks.
    A bit of my bitterness about the Wimp-Beat Happening gig, was that I played a banjo, or a banjo-uke, or mandola, for some of that gig. I didn’t have a strap, so was sitting on the floor while the rest stood, not properly mic’d. And in my mind, was feeling to myself, “I’m so fricken Appalachian.” Since then I’ve been reprogrammed to believe that such a label isn’t so bad.

    my last interruption, I’m sorry, would love to visit Hoboken properly someday.

  8. Ted

    Great article Jack, and I’m honored to be included in your list of memories! See you tonight!


  9. chelsea

    Wonderful tribute to a dear, old friend. Glad I got to see Yo La with you that final time. I think I was at the Tar/JL show, too, for what that’s worth. My fondest Maxwell’s memory (besides the YLT blog shout out, obs) was when my friend Edis fell asleep at a Codiene show. I can’t imagine a cozier venue for napping, really. And yes, Codiene was LOUD that night.

  10. Mike

    “But more times than not, I’d check the listings, notice a band I wanted to see, then go to Tunes and buy a ticket.”


  11. ScottB

    Great piece, Jack. I can’ t believe you have seen THAT many artists there. As a fellow music fan who can’t always find someone to go pay money to see a band they have never heard of before, I particularly like this paragraph:


    That makes the passing of Maxwell’s — and all the other places like it — that much sadder.


  12. Ailene

    Very much the way I feel about it. Especially the part about grabbing “a” ticket, walking up to see a show knowing you would run into somebody… I will especially miss the idea that Maxwell’s is the place my friends’ bands call home.

  13. mike

    Thanks for this. Your story really does parallel mine – central NJ upbringing, WPRB, Princeton Record Exchange, and Maxwell’s. I have long since moved away, but was lucky enough to return last October to see the Trypes. I went by myself, but ran into both new and old friends the entire night. Though I’m sad I’ll miss tonight’s festivities, I’m very glad I was able to have one more night like that.

  14. gary

    “pretentious, floppy-haired, poetry-writing prick”? Day. Made.

  15. miklisek

    Jack, don’t know how often the SiW Executive Board communicates, but could you ask F next time you speak, if “Cataclysmic Converter” is on any release? That’s the WF song I played the banjo-uke on, really sweet instrument. Too bad your bud Barry doesn’t make them, but looks like he’s got a buttload of product already, no need to add to the cacophony. What’s that John Doe lyric? “We’ve got 7 kinds of Coke / 500 kinds of cigarettes / this freedom of choice in the USA is driving everyone crazy.”

  16. Gail Salowey

    Great read, Jack.

  17. Gail Salowey

    Rock on.

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