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  1. Miclusic

    Did u c on the episodes of SNL last year? Fred Rmisen in the opening name credits is in a record store. There is 1 closeup of named vinyl in bins, most prominent is Jam.

    Private Hell as u no, off of Setting Sons Lp. Strange Leap from AMC the year b4. I loved the song Strange Town 4 some reason. Wasteland etc, many good tunes

    We butchered Private Hell at hour freshman hs talent show. My bud posted the awful recording on Facebook a few tears ago. My brother fancied the middle was about his college tombmate Ed(ward).

    I have this ever evolving description of the kind of ‘depression’ that hrips me for months in end. Social Claustrophobia is the latest, but if that sounds too much like a prick with a Creative Writing degree gone mildew and sourI can sing the Private Hell lyrics to myself

  2. Miclusic

    Yeah, I always thought listing The Jam was a charade of sorts.

  3. Miclusic

    Jack, you know what I’d like to do? I’d like to groove on 2 or 3 of these bands. I’m thinking of my days in Pgh. After one particular performance by Velocity Girl in a loft on the South Side, I distinctly remember Tom Hoffman coming up to about five of us sitting on the floor. He had the classic pose of him with hands together rubbing a bit, signaling his boiled excitement. The topic at hand he subtly delivered was Analysis. What was the analysis of Velocity Girl? It was akin to a CMU literature class I would imagine. Let us deconstruct. Let us judge. Let us be the superior critic. …. Oh gosh, this comment is too long, let me know if you have anything to add, or if you want me to continue.

  4. miklisek

    Tom has a pretty cool blog.

    However, I get mildly perturbed when he screens my comments and then doesn’t post them. You ‘gotta’ do what you ‘gotta’ do. I felt it is was rude of me recently to defriend 15 people from facebook; I’m down to 50 friends, and hope to be down to 30 by this time next year. Sometimes, you just have to blatantly ignore others, right?

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